We started Helse to make all-natural, healthy living simple for you, your home, and your family. It’s even in our name—Helse, Norwegian for health.
Our products

Only the essentials

From all-natural ingredients, to a minimalist design aesthetic—everything we do at Helse is intentionally simple. No extra additives in our products, no added middle men in our sourcing, just everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Our Helse Difference

Masterfully Crafted

From sustainably sourced natural wood tops, to professionally formulated blends by the best mixoligists in the world, our products are carefully crafted inside and out.

Simply Pure

We keep our ingredients 100% natural by testing them for purity three separate times before it ever reaches your home.

Ethically Sourced

Grown on family-owned farms in over 40 countries, our product is cause driven, and protects the earth for a more sustainable future.

Middle man free

From field, to bottle, to home, our process is simple and straightforward. No middle men or go-betweens, just pure products delivered to your door.

Our story

Helse is a reflection of the life, passion, and style of its founders Kathryn and Tyson Bills—the two halves of Helse.

Raised in San Diego, beach life and coastal living inspired Kathryn to make life beautiful. Her love for natural essentials and passion for clean design are manifested through Helse.

Grandson of a Norwegian ski jumper, Tyson’s roots, affinity for healthy living, and active lifestyle inspired the Scandinavian side of Helse.

Together, they built Helse, their Coastal Nordic clean living brand to create a healthier home for their family of seven.

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