Keeps on Giving

Four 15ml bottle of Helse oil on average lasts 4+ months. That's longer than any scented candle or pod.


Helse diffusers & bottles' simple, clean design make them the perfect decor for any room.

Therapeutic Benefits

Helse oils can instantly provide relief to the mind, body & spirit.

100% All Natural

100% all natural oils certified for purity. The cleanest way for home scenting.

"They make beautiful diffusers and blends. Such a sleek high quality design - modern and minimal. The mist is perfect. Great scents!"
"It's the best diffuser, the output is like no other. And trust us, we've tried them all."
"Best gift I've received in a long time! Thank you thank you thank you Helse!"

How to Subscribe & Save

Click on your desired Helse product.

Make sure Subscribe & Save is selected & select the cadence of your delivery: 30, 60, or 90 days. (Cancel anytime)

"Add to bag", then use your code NewHome25 at checkout to get an added 10% off, bringing you an exclusive 25% off for each delivery.

Customer Reviews

I love this diffuser! It’s a nice size and looks beautiful. The stone is great quality, and it is easy to clean (usually my biggest concern). I bought this as a Christmas gift for all my siblings I loved it so much.
— Keri

Obsessed! (Fresh Squeezed) My favorite all time blend. Makes me happy every time I smell it. And I LOVE the bottles & caps every time I hold them. A well done product all the way around. Kuddos.
— Claire

I was so surprised by how truly calming the Unwind blend is. It is simultaneously grounding, calming, and refreshing. I love diffusing this during never ending afternoons or after a hectic day with the kids.
— Meisha

This is my favorite Helse blend (Unwind)!!!! After the kids go down and the house clean, I like to diffuse with Unwind. Its a great way to relax after the craziness and get the home smelling great!
— Lauren

Certification and awards

Good for you, good for nature

Every bottle of Helse you buy plants a new tree where it's needed most. we don't just take from the earth, we help replenish it for a more sustainable future.

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