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Helse products smell amazing! We use professionally formulated blends created by the best mixologists in the world.

Good for you

Using 100% all-natural plant extracts, our products provide holistic remedies that support health & wellness.

Masterfully Crafted

We focus on creating quality products that can lift the aesthetic of any room.

Real People. Real Helse Love.

"I'm obsessed. Smells like heaven."

— Katie H.

"Brings me joy. So gorgeous and they smell delicious."

— Lauren T.

"It's so clean, sleek, and fresh."

— Katie D.
Fresh Squeezed
Zesty, Citrusy, & Juicy.
Straight from the tree to the bottle, this sweet citrus blend feels like a refreshing orchard breeze
Herbal, Cool, & Minty
An invigorating blend that clears your mind and airways, helping you re-center.
Spicy, Clean, & Warm
A warm, spicy blend full of cleansing properties that boost everyday immunity.
Citrusy, Sweet, Flowery
An uplifting blend that puts you at your best, bursting with energy and vitality.
Zesty, Citrusy, & Juicy
A gentle, calming blend that soothes and unwinds like a warm bath or a day at the spa.
Moonlight Surf
Smoky, Salty, Herbal
A subtle blend inspired by the soothing rhythmic sound of waves on a moonlit beach.

Enjoy six harmonious blends


30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Why YOU NEED Helse

Non-Toxic Home Scenting
Replace toxic candles air-fresheners, plugins, pods
Smells amazing, fresh, and clean
100% all-natural ingredients
Eliminates airborne microbes
Personal Care & Health Benefits
Reduce Stress
Manage Anxiety
Improve Sleep
Strengthen Immunity
Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you're not satisfied with your Helse products, get your $$ back. Satisfaction guaranteed.

100% All-natural

Replace existing toxic home scenting products (candles, air fresheners, plugins, pods).

Boosts Wellness

Reduce stress, manage anxiety, improve sleep, strengthen immunity, clear sinuses, and more.

Simply Different

Simple, beautifully designed products that double as décor. Simple, no-hassle buying experience.

Check out what people are saying...

I love this diffuser! It’s a nice size and looks beautiful. The stone is great quality, and it is easy to clean (usually my biggest concern). I bought this as a Christmas gift for all my siblings I loved it so much.
— Keri

Obsessed! (Fresh Squeezed) My favorite all time blend. Makes me happy every time I smell it. And I LOVE the bottles & caps every time I hold them. A well done product all the way around. Kuddos.
— Claire

I was so surprised by how truly calming the Unwind blend is. It is simultaneously grounding, calming, and refreshing. I love diffusing this during never ending afternoons or after a hectic day with the kids.
— Meisha

This is my favorite Helse blend (Unwind)!!!! After the kids go down and the house clean, I like to diffuse with Unwind. Its a great way to relax after the craziness and get the home smelling great!
— Lauren

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